Ever wonder "when will my landscaping by complete?" or "When will my drive way be finished?"

Don't want to waddle in the water this weekend? Check out these helpful homeowners tips to keep your home dry!

How do you get the best bang for your buck? Why is it taking my builder sooooo long? And the age old question of when to landscape?

Are you on the fence about buying a home? Now is the time to buy!

As a customer you need to know what you want now, and what you will need five years into the future. Also, you should have some idea about how long you plan on living in this house.

Homebuyers not only need to find a home that suits there lifestyle, but also one that meets there financial objectives. That is why we at Southbend strive to stay competitive by continuously

When building your home, you need to make sure that you think about what kind of upgrades you should purchase with your home now. By doing this, you will save yourself time and